OCT 2017 - OCT 2018


This first year has had its many rewards. WhaleSpirit, even at its early stages, had the power to touch many hearts of those who have stayed. I am honored, as many are now booking their return. And yes, there have been bumps and learning curves as well. Most people had been very understanding and even encouraging. I am grateful for all the encouragement and the occassional expressions of dissatisfaction as this only helped us be better.

My deepest gratitude goes to all those who have been part of WhaleSpirit this past year: guests, retreat facilitators, property supervisors and support teams, and all the craftsmen and women: electricans, framers, garbage haulers, landscapers, painters, tilers… As Oct 2018, exactly one year into this journey, the projected transformation of WhaleSpirit is now 3 years ahead of schedule!

Thank you for being part of our first year.

Evolutionary Specialist and Malama of WhaleSpirit Sanctuary

The greatest change that was not our doing was the major improvement to the air quality. Prior to the volcano eruption in May 2018 there was a consistant afternoon vog that blanketed the afternoon skyes. Since the volcano has quieted in August 2018 the air quality has been better than it has been in over 30+ years.

Imrpoving the buildings and landscaping.

The 2 detached Garden Room bathrooms were given a major upgrade with doors that lock and marbel floors and open air showers.

The two fountains between the Garden Rooms are now operational again and the home to gold fish and koi.

We have added a extra stainless steel fridge and new energy/water efficient dishwasher.

We now have new dishes and silverware for 30+ people.

We have added a place for morning tea and coffee station as well as work and computer/phone charging stations.

We now have new beautiful hard wood folding tables and new chairs for seating for over 30+ people. Tables fold for easy mobility to increase space on the lanai.

With a new floor and improved space we now have a room ideal for workshops, yoga and meditation or wedding ceremonies overlooking the bay at sunset.


All the rooms have been given some much needed TLC. New curtains, high quality bed linens and towels. Each room has plug and USB charging station. All the bathrooms have been given necessary updates as well.



All the temples have been given a new coat of paint for a lighter and fresher feel without loosing their coziness. The Garden Temple was given a new four burner stove/oven.


Previously known as the Pali Hut, our Prayer Temple has seen a lot of love and improvements. It now has an indoor kitchen with indoor and outdoor dining areas overlooking the bay. The energy here is most sacred and now EMF free! It is ideal for those who really wish to disconnect so they can reconnect to their spirit and the mana around them.