updated OCT 1, 2020


due to travel restrictions*.

Our hearts go out to you, your family/friends, your businesses and clients as we know these times of transition can be challenging in one way or another for everyone. Our goal has been, first and foremost, to remain heart-centered and act proactively vs reactively. We appreciate your patience and understanding; this is new territory for all of us and we must find ways to navigate this together.

At this time, like so much of the travel industry, we have to continually reassess our policies in order to sustain ourselves for the long haul as a business and be fair to those who have reservations with us. With so much still unknown, it is clear the Policies we had in place did not property reflect nor honor these times of future uncertainty.

The State of Hawaii begins their reopening process October 15, 2020. This is exciting as we are already receiving calls for 2021 and 2022 reservations. At the same time, we have been fielding questions of understandable fear, uncertainty, possible cancelation inquiries from a few of the 2021 retreats or those who had to reschedule from 2020.

We have spoken with many of our loyal returning facilitators. With their help and legal guidance, we have revamped the policies to best reflect these times to best manage the unknown.

We understand that these policies are not an ideal situation for anyone and that portions or all aspects of these temporarily revised policies may not be agreeable to some of you and for that we apologize. Please understand there are A LOT of variables that must be considered so we may implement some level of consistency and fairness to all reservations.

We will continue to monitor and reassess the situation daily. We appreciate your patience during these times as we are all learning in the moment how to work together, adjust, offer empathy to everyone, transform, keep our hearts open and maintain our business so you have a retreat facility ready and available in the future.

The modified policies are as follows:

*Travel Restriction Definition: 1) Hawaii restricts non-residences from entering the state. or 2) State, Provence or Country prohibits their residence from leaving their State, Provence or Country. 

• If a State, Provence or Country imposes a stay “Stay at home” order for their area and residence are still able to board a plane, will not constitute as a travel restriction.

• If a State, Provence or Country requires their residence to quarantine upon re-entering a State, Provence or Country will not constitute as a travel restriction.

• If a COVID test is required to board and a plane or arrive in Hawaii will not constitute as a travel restriction.

• If a COVID test is required upon entering or re-entering a State, Provence or Country will not constitute as a travel restriction.

Removing Partial Refunds: We agreed with your feedback. The tiered cancellation penalties segment of our Change/Cancellation policy was not sensitive nor reflective of these current times. In replace of the cancellation penalties will be a full ‘credit’ refund to be used toward a future reservation.

Removing Tied Number of Days to Cancel: We agreed with your feedback. The tiered number of days made it additionally stressful to know when to make this difficult decision.  Since booking retreats and booking flight habits have changed so drastically we have eliminated the tiered number of days and instead a 60 day mark to “see how things are”.

• 60 days before event: WhaleSpirit Sanctuary will reassess the current travel restriction* situation and make a decision at that time if modifying dates needs to be considered/is necessary.

A representative from WhaleSpirit Sanctuary may reach out, via email, to the ‘point of contact’ if we feel a discussion about modifying dates need to be considered. If you have not heard from a WhaleSpirit Sanctuary representative, it is your responsibility to contact WhaleSpirit Sanctuary inquiring the current status of your event dates and if date modification is an option/necessary.

If WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is in agreement that date modification is necessary due to most current travel restrictions*, 100% of your current deposits/payment will be made available as a credit towards a future reservation. 

Starting the day the current travel restrictions are released, the credits will be available for 12 months. 

60 days or more before event: Choosing to cancel or make any date changes in bookings will be considered as a cancellation of those dates.

50% of deposits to date will be applied as an admin fee.

50% of deposits to date will be transferred as available credits to a new reservation – if the dates can be filled.

However, if travel restrictions* are imposed, then 100% of deposits will instead be made available as a credit for a future reservation.

Starting the day the current travel restrictions are released, the credits will be available for 12 months.

Exceptions will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We look forward to sharing the beauty of WhaleSpirit Sanctuary at the “right time” amidst an epic age of global transformation.


In these Terms and Conditions, ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘attendee’ refers to any person(s) named on the registration form (and anyone added at a later date) and ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to WhaleSpirit Sanctuary.

PRICE – Deposit and Payment

Your payment is in exchange for the accommodation(s), outlined on the website. Flight, transportation and additional services not outlined are not included.

Individual Vacation Rental – Payment:

• Must be paid in full at time of booking.

• Payment must be made on-line using PayPal, Credit Card, or wire transfer.

Retreat – Deposit and Payment:

First deposit of 50% is required at the time your reservation is confirmed.

Final payment is required 30 days prior to the reservation date and after we have assessed and current travel restrictions.

• Payment must be made on-line using PayPal, Credit Card, or wire transfer.


We reserve right to adapt our policies at any times to best protect our guests, our facilitators as well as preserve the long term sustainability of WhaleSpirit Sanctuary.

If you have to cancel, please inform us immediately by e-mail [email protected] We will respond within two (2) to four (4) business days with a confirmation letter and outline the steps to take to continue the process. If you have not heard from someone from WhaleSpirit Sanctuary within five (5) business days it is your responsibility to follow up with WhaleSpirit Sanctuary if a written confirmation from WhaleSpirit Sanctuary had not been issued to your addressing your needs and your letter.

No changes can be considered accepted until issue of the change reference is generated which will be required to reference in any subsequent correspondence.

All cancellation, rescheduling and replacement charges will be based on the total cost of the WhaleSpirit Sanctuary accommodation(s). Any discount offer originally made will be void and not considered in the process.


No refunds will be made for any unused services or if you choose not to attend certain days.


The WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is subject to weather conditions. Mother Nature and other outside forces, including and not limited to travel to and from WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is not under our control. We are not responsible for any cancellations or delays outside of WhaleSpirit Sanctuary. We are unable to refund or pay compensation due to unavoidable occurrences including severe weather, transportation delays terrorist activity, natural disaster or fire.

We strongly encourage you to obtain travel insurance. We do not provide travel/program cancellation insurance that covers these eventualities.


It is solely your responsibility to ensure compliance with the entry requirements into the USA no refunds will be made if any situation results in your being denied entry.


WhaleSpirit Sanctuary is not responsible for delays at any stage of travel to or from the property. No credit will be given for missed days.