OCtober 2017 we began our JOURNEY

Make your retreat/event the most memorable ever…


We work with local organic farmers as much as possible.

Our menu’s can be designed each day around what is being harvested.

  • Island grown fresh ginger and tumeric tonic with lemon and raw honey
  • Hibiscus lemon cooler
  • Fresh pressed pineapple juice with parsley and ginger
  • Fresh squeezed tangelo juice with or without spirulina and chlorella
  • Raw ginger kombucha with freshed squeezed orange juice
  • Fresh pressed fruit juices (upon availability)
  • Fresh pressed vegetable juices (upon availability)
  • Fresh pressed wheatgrass juice and/or other wild green juices such as chickweed, dandelion, etc. (upon availability)
  • Specific cleansing juices and tonics (upon request and availability)
  • Mango Banana superfood smoothie with cashew milk, goji berries, chia seeds and maca with a touch of cacao
  • Tropical fruit salad with cashew coconut milk yogurt, shredded fresh coconut, cacao nibs and fresh mint
  • Raw cinnamon rolls of sprouted almond and flax meal with pecan agave nectar topping
  • Coconut oat pancakes with fresh berry sauce
  • Tofu vegetable scramble with rosemary roasted country potatoes
  • Ancient grains porridge with currants, almond milk and a dash of cinnamon
  • Vegetable cheese omelet with fresh mushrooms, red pepper and avocado
  • Ricotta cheese blintz with strawberries and sour cream
  • Sprouted whole grain french toast with maple syrup, sweet cream butter and fresh berries
  • Green chili lime and cilantro sunseed pate on romaine leaf with tomatoes, guacamole and micro-greens salad
  • Almond Hummus wraps in collard greens with sesame tahini dipping sauce
  • Chilled Gazpacho of local tomatoes, cucumber, chilis, avocado and fresh corn with cashew sour cream
  • Butternut squash soup with coconut milk, cardamom and ginger
  • Sun burgers on sprouted grain buns with fresh local tomatoes, red onion, avocado and leaf lettuce
  • Vegan Sushi of nori-wrapped brown rice, avocado, assorted vegetables with pickled ginger and marinated shitake mushrooms
  • Cream of Asparagus and mushroom soup with fresh baked corn bread and savory thyme butter
  • Chef salad of mixed lettuces, spinach and arugula loaded with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, avocado, artichoke hearts, feta cheese and toasted pumpkin seeds
  • Broccoli and cheese quiche with olive tapenade stuffed mushrooms
  • Spinach lasagna with sundried tomatoe marinara, zuccini pasta and cashew almond ricotta
  • Stuffed avocado with sunseed refried beans, smoky mole and cashew sour cream, topped with brazil nut parmisan
  • Macadamia cheese alfredo sauce over vegetable pasta with garlic almond toast
  • Kabocha pumpkin stuffed with Quinoa pepita pilaf and grilled tempeh
  • Roasted roots medley of yukon gold potatoes, jewel yams, Hawaiian purple sweet potatoes, and rutabaga with rosemary and thyme
  • Coconut vegetable curry over brown basmati rice with mango chutney and samosa’s
  • Green chili and cheese enchiladas, mexican confetti rice and fresh tomato and cilantro salsa
  • Island pizza with fresh pineapple, peppers, oyster mushrooms and mozzarella on gluten-free crust
  • Eggplant parmisan and meditaranian ratatoulle of zuccini, tomato and peppers
  • Baby greens with mandala platter of local seasonal vegetables which may include: garden tomatoes, cucumbers,scallions, ripe peppers, cauliflower, asparagus…fresh herbs such as cilantro, parsley and dil…
  • Rubbed Kale with vegan cheesy dressing
  • Spinach and arugula with tomato, avocado, artichoke hearts and crimini mushrooms with sesame ginger dressing
  • Raw chocolate mousse with cashew coconut whipped cream
  • Raspberry white chocolate cashew cheesecake with brazil nut cacao crunch crust
  • Fresh raw seasonal fruit pie in date nut cardamom crust with cashew vanilla maple creme
  • Raw, vegan cashew and coconut milk ice creams with exotic flavors with various exotic toppings
  • Traditional baked fruit pies, cobblers and cakes – raw, vegan and vegetarian upon request
Lentil Stuffed Zucchini
Coconut Broccoli


Mackenzie (Chef Mac) Lamson, a Portland Oregon native, graduated from Willamette University with an art degree. Curiosity and the desire to learn and create led her on a travel tour of discovery. Eventually she found herself on the big island of Hawaii.

Smiling, laughing and having a ton of fun at a local, busy, largely vegan/gluten free cafe, Mac discovered her passion and appreciation for food and healthy eating. Chef Mackenzie’s passion has evolved into a deep love of serving people healthy, eloquently tasting meals all finely crafted with intention and heart.

Within seconds to meeting Chef Mac you will see how much she loves to learn and collaborate with others. To make sure she is feeding you with the best nature has to offer, Chef Mackenzie has also developed deep, soulful friendships with many of our local organic growers who are equally focused on offering you mindfully sourced, passionately grown food.

When you watch Chef Mac prepare her dishes, you will see the heart and joy she brings to each dish and the creative mastery she has of blending all the senses into her presentations. When it comes to preparing healthy meals that nourish the body, while nurturing the heart and soul, Chef Mackenzie will leave you feeling healthier, happier and very much loved.

Taking the experiences with food to the next level.